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  1. The angle brackets denote averages over the ensemble of observed stars.
  2. where the angle brackets refer to the inner product of.
  3. where the angle brackets denote the scalar part of the geometric product.
  4. All of the mount assemblies are built from angle brackets.
  5. The angle brackets represent an average of one oscillation cycle.
  6. It's difficult to find angle brackets in a sentence.
  7. In these columns, square and angle brackets indicate Schwartz's emendations.
  8. The material in angle brackets is meant to be filled in by you.
  9. Do not keep the angle brackets ( ) that appear below in the template.
  10. The naming syntax continued to use angle brackets.
  11. where the angle brackets denote time averages.
  12. The semicolon in the square and angle bracket notations is sometimes replaced by a comma.
  13. The simplest and easiest to type is written as an ordered list between angle brackets.
  14. And the third T ( the one between angle brackets ) is also a requirement.
  15. Execution stops when the result has no more angle brackets to expand in this way.
  16. The interaction sum is taken over nearest neighbors, as indicated by the angle brackets.
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