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  1. The combination of angle beam and direct beam methods may find additional anomalies and increase inspection accuracy.
  2. The distinctive curved roof shape is obtained through a series of vertical hanging spars supporting upwardly angled beams.
  3. However, the angle beam method has a lower tolerance for surface debris than the direct beam method.
  4. In the case of very wide angle video, such as the GoPro and similar, an extremely wide angle beam is necessary.
  5. These novel antennas aid applications such as portable interaction with satellites, wide angle beam steering, emergency communications devices, ground-penetrating radars to search for geophysical features.
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  7. Angle beam inspections discover crack-like anomalies parallel to the pipe axis and metal loss defects that are too small to detect via direct beam, including the following:
  8. Angle beam inspections, where the tool induces ultrasonic waves into the metal at an angle relative to the metal surface, can be performed concurrently with direct beam inspections to confirm anomaly detections.
  9. An angle beam transducer only registers echoes from anomalies or reflectors that fall into the beam path; unlike direct beam, it does not receive reflections from the opposite wall of normal steel.
  10. The transmitter antenna now came in two versions, one with a wide angle beam for initially picking up the target or searching for it, and another with a much narrower beam that was used while tracking a single target.
  11. A tool uses the angle beam method to discover a crack in a pipe wall; the solid arrow represents the original ultrasonic wave ( created at an angle relative to the pipe radius ) and the dotted arrow represents the wave reflected back to the tool from the crack.
  12. Real aperture radar ( RAR ) is a form of radar that transmits a narrow angle beam of pulse radio wave in the range direction at tight angles to the flight direction and receives the backscattering from the targets which will be transformed to a radar image from the received signals.
  13. The image is reflected off some form of angled beam splitter or the partially silvered collimating curved mirror itself so that the observer ( looking through the beam splitter or mirror ) will see the image at the focus of the collimating optics superimposed in the sight's field of view in focus at ranges up to infinity.

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