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  1. The angle adjustment tilts the motor and blade so the saw can make miter cuts.
  2. Car setup, like brake balance, suspension and wing angles adjustment, is allowed.
  3. However, within Europe the single tilt angle adjustment provides sufficient accuracy for both settings for reliable reception.
  4. For example, cars often allow camber and caster angle adjustments, just like their real-life counterparts.
  5. Some drafting tables incorporate electric motors to provide the up and down and angle adjustment of the drafting table surface.
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  7. In the graph, a bell curve is observed with the maximum water output being at 30 degrees angle adjustment.
  8. Most saws have a protractor gauge on the angle adjustment so the blade can be set for a variety of angles.
  9. "' Angle Adjustment / Goniometer "': Faceting machines differ greatly in the mechanism for setting the angle of the facet.
  10. The only change his Team Kool Green made between Saturday's qualifying session and Sunday's race was a minor rear wing angle adjustment.
  11. It's a solid, smooth running tool with all the normal blade depth, blade angle adjustments and safety features you expect in a good do-it-yourselfer model.
  12. The company is noted for its use of the Clark Y airfoil, infinite blade angle adjustment, as well as for the very low rotating inertia of its designs, a key wear factor on lightweight engine gearboxes.
  13. Front-wheel alignment was made easier with and with greater accuracy by moving the camber adjustment from the upper to the lower control arm on the double wishbone suspension, and the caster angle adjustments also moved from the upper control arm to the drag strut.
  14. -- Other standard features include : double moon roof with tilt / slide feature for front section, air conditioning, power mirrors with turn signals, standard instrumentation with 140 mph speedometer and 8, 000 rpm tachometer, digital clock and temperature readout, fully reclining front bucket seats with adjustable driver's height / angle adjustment, 60 / 40 split folding rear seat, 160-watt Pioneer CD stereo with six speakers, power windows and locks with keyless entry system, cruise control, power outlet, tilt wheel, cargo cover, multi-reflector halogen headlamps, sport-tuned independent suspension, 17-inch split-spoke alloy wheels with graphite finish / chrome exhaust tip, 215 / 45 speed-rated all-season tires

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