andrus murumets in a sentence

  1. He beat out champion competitors like Mikhail Koklyaev, Andrus Murumets, and Oleksandr Pekanov.
  2. Estonian strongman and entrant to the World's Strongest Man contest Andrus Murumets currently lives in 躪snurme.
  3. Ortmayer and his team ( Derek Poundstone, Van Hatfield, Nick Best and Walt Gogola ) pulled out a victory against the three of the top five European strongmen in the World, ( Zydrunas Savickas, Vasyl Virastyuk and Andrus Murumets.
  4. Poundstone and his team ( Travis Ortmayer, Van Hatfield, Nick Best, Walt Gogola ) pulled out an unprecedented victory against three of the top five European strongmen in the World, ( Zydrunas Savickas, Vasyl Virastyuk, and Andrus Murumets ).
  5. He impressed enough to be invited back in 2009 where he was more consistent, and his improvement was such that he achieved a third place finish in the Spanish leg of the League in October behind Ervin Katona and eventual League Champion Andrus Murumets.
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  7. Mayor Carl Dub?welcomed the athletes to Notre Dame du Rosaire in June 2008 and thousands of spectators flocked to see many of the world s top strongmen perform, including Zydrunas Savickas, Derek Poundstone, Andrus Murumets, Travis Ortmayer and Mikhail Koklyaev . The event was lauded across the strongman world, with the likes of Ironmind and Milo magazine praising it.

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