and so on in a sentence

"and so on" meaning  "and so on" in Chinese  
  1. And so on Thursday morning he looked again toward the treacherous sea.
  2. A flat shelf drops off to the next shelf and so on.
  3. Any particular sections need improving ? . . and so on.
  4. They were conscripted early on to build bridges and so on.
  5. Tags added by DAJF were removed by Ldemery and so on.
  6. It's difficult to find and so on in a sentence.
  7. Favor use of girl majorettes and so on : 52 percent.
  8. The young dolly birds will wink at them and so on,
  9. Education levels were up, infant mortality was down and so on.
  10. The winner then bids against the next player and so on.
  11. We are not looking for parties and dinners and so on.
  12. People are talking about the twins, the contractions and so on,
  13. He had a good session today with tackles and so on.
  14. We did not allow them to open branches and so on.
  15. And so on a recent Sunday, I followed that familiar longing.
  16. We are looking at the question of vaccines and so on.
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