and endless in a sentence

  1. Now, for this he has the necessary boundless curiosity and endless energy.
  2. Rises covered with fir trees and endless beds of lavender-flowering indigo plants.
  3. We have an economy built around the open road and endless sky.
  4. The deep and endless sky leads all the way to the moon.
  5. Six sacks and endless pressure on Drew Bledsoe were the reasons why.
  6. It's difficult to find and endless in a sentence.
  7. Memories of Camp Shelby revolve around snakes, chiggers, heat and endless training.
  8. Former stable articles are not destroyed after his editions and endless discussions.
  9. Sleeping in barracks, practicing twice daily and endless meetings take a toll.
  10. The lore surrounding saints is ancient and modern, fascinating and endless.
  11. This is how far we have come in this hated and endless war.
  12. Congratulatory phone calls and endless interviews left little time for rest.
  13. Through the pounding heat and endless march, men began to fall.
  14. There were endless problems, and endless public meetings about those problems.
  15. Really ? " _ and she has thin and endless arms and legs.
  16. Stories of long walks and endless waits were the common refrain.
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