and array in a sentence

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  1. There are the inequalities, matrices and arrays and calculus palette as well.
  2. Both programs and arrays may have a filename up to 16 characters.
  3. It is unique in its design, humor, theme and array of interesting characters.
  4. As structures may make use of pointers and arrays to constant.
  5. Officials of StorageTek, Tandem and Array couldn't be reached for comment.
  6. It's difficult to find and array in a sentence.
  7. In mathematics, a "'tensor "'is a certain kind of geometrical entity and array concept.
  8. It is not difficult to obtain data and array results.
  9. Archer Park now has shops specializing in Mexican Products and array of street vendors.
  10. Structures, unions and arrays can be initialized in their declarations using an initializer list.
  11. Eiffel's standard data types, such as INTEGER, STRING and ARRAY, are all themselves classes.
  12. These souped-up machines use the fastest memory chips and arrays of high-capacity hard drives.
  13. Moreover, the space complexity for ropes and arrays are both O ( n ).
  14. It integrates various ideas from parallel algorithms, and functional programming and array programming languages.
  15. Many languages provide a built-in Pascal, may provide vastly different operations for strings and arrays.
  16. The appearance, cleanliness, and array of equipment and activities vary widely from club to club.
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