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  1. Industry analysts said the deal offers strategic benefits for both companies.
  2. Donald Fine, chief market analyst for Chase Securities, said.
  3. Analysts said CBS is unlikely to continue operations as they were.
  4. Analysts had expected the charge to be around $ 1 billion.
  5. If Ullman stays, some analysts question Zimmerman's prospects.
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  7. Military analysts point out that Haitian soldiers are not combat tested.
  8. Haitian troop commanders are also badly equipped, the analysts say.
  9. In several ways, analysts say, it's Microsoft.
  10. Indeed, a few analysts say the rally is already here.
  11. David Lippman, a drug analyst at Prudential Securities, said.
  12. The better climate helped produce profits that exceeded analysts'expectations.
  13. Analysts gave 3DO an overall B for getting its machines manufactured.
  14. But analysts say something interesting could happen with supply and demand.
  15. Jack Grubman, a telecommunications analyst at Salomon Brothers, reported.
  16. Their expertise affords the top analysts a cachet on Capitol Hill.
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