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  1. The company never conducted any independent loss analysis for quake loss.
  2. Schmidbauer will bring an analysis of the plutonium seized last week.
  3. But the underlying economics that drives their revisionist analysis is straightforward.
  4. But plant engineers never documented their analysis or changed the rule.
  5. California courts are sharply split on the admissibility of DNA analysis.
  6. It's difficult to find analysis in a sentence.
  7. But photography invites detailed observation, specific analysis, comprehensive presentation.
  8. But the senator offered a darker analysis in an earlier conversation.
  9. But I quibble with serving size used in their nutritional analysis.
  10. The Times analysis divided households into five groups of equal size.
  11. But in the final analysis, we are in the tournament.
  12. In the final analysis, McNair was, well, McNair.
  13. A separate analysis issued by the EPA made the same point.
  14. Its analysis involves the toughest long-term choices of all.
  15. 1961-65, Office of systems analysis, Department of Defense
  16. The Blinder-Yellen analysis may be part of that change.
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