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  1. "' Structured data analysis "'is the statistical data analysis of structured data.
  2. That involved a lot of careful and intricate analysis of structures.
  3. The reciprocity principle is also used in the analysis of structures.
  4. In these two developments we have mathematical models bearing upon the analysis of structure.
  5. The analysis of structures is often accomplished by plotting the orientations of various features onto stereonets.
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  7. Gluckman focused on social process and an analysis of structures and systems based on their relative stability.
  8. He was the author of six books, including a classic text, " The Analysis of Structures " ( 1965 ).
  9. Many design codes have suggested that the effect of SSI can reasonably be neglected for the seismic analysis of structures.
  10. The infinitesimal strain theory is commonly adopted in civil and mechanical engineering for the stress analysis of structures built from relatively stiff loads.
  11. DYNA3D used explicit time integration to study nonlinear dynamic problems, with the original applications being mostly stress analysis of structures undergoing various types of impacts.
  12. The University of California, Berkeley was an early base for computer-based seismic analysis of structures, led by Professor Ray Clough ( who coined the term finite element ).
  13. Over the years, she was the author of a variety of scientific writings on the X-ray crystallographic analysis of structures of molecules, including penicillin, vitamin B12, and insulin.
  14. He is also known for his work in safety analysis of structures, and pioneered the Fracture Mechanics, and are used as benchmarks for new crack stress analysis methods.
  15. An analysis of structures typically yields insight into systemic features-complementarities and conflicts-that constitute drivers and barriers for technology diffusion at a certain moment or within a given period in time.
  16. He describes his research interests as " seismic analysis and design of structures; experimental analysis of structures, components and materials, and implementation of new materials into structural design and retrofit ."
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