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  1. Moreover, geochemical analysis of sediment cores has allowed for the reconstruction of the pollution history of the area.
  2. Analysis of sediment from beneath Horseshoe Lake has revealed that two major floods occurred in the period of settlement at Cahokia, in roughly 1100-1260 and 1340-1460.
  3. In late 2006, Ken MacLeod, a geology professor from the University of Missouri, completed an analysis of sediment below the ocean's surface, bolstering the single-impact theory.
  4. Pollen analysis of sediments in the cave has assisted in reconstructing the Pleistocene climate and environment of the region and understanding what resources were available to Aborigines.
  5. Moreover, geochemical analysis of sediment cores has allowed for the reconstruction of the environmental history ( e . g . human impact, pollution, etc . ) of the area.
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  7. A field station was established in Ely, Minn ., in 1999 to study microscopic algae ( diatoms ) as indicators of water quality and for paleolimnology research to understand environmental trends through analysis of sediment profiles.
  8. "From the analysis of sediments in the canal, we know that it probably had a short lifetime, " said Dr . Richard Jones, the lead researcher on the project and an archaeologist at the University of Glasgow.
  9. Scientists from the University of Florida at Gainesville said that an analysis of sediments beneath Lake Chichancanab on the Yucatan Peninsula provided " the first unambiguous evidence " for a period of extreme aridity between the years 800 and 1000.
  10. In a study that appears Friday in the journal Science, Chinese and American researchers say an analysis of sediments found in China show that Earth's atmosphere suddenly was enriched with methane 55 million years ago as part of an abrupt era of global warming.
  11. For example, paleoenvironmental analysis of sediment cores from Lake Suigetsu in Japan found the Younger Dryas temperature decline of 2 4 癈 between 12, 300 and 11, 250 varve ( calendar ) years BP instead of about 12, 900 calendar years BP in the North Atlantic region.
  12. In this way about 1, 000 people were killed .  These were the same plains that were submerged in the 2011 TMhoku earthquake and tsunami, according to one account . " Analysis of sediments left by the 869 tsunami led to an estimate that the earthquake had a magnitude of 8.3 ."

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