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  1. Kelley and Brown argue that design thinking uses both analysis and synthesis.
  2. Theoretically, the higher the triangle, the less cost the analysis and synthesis.
  3. They get their information not by analysis and synthesis but by sight and hearing.
  4. The incongruity of such a mental mixture is evidenced by the poet's analysis and synthesis.
  5. Linking DNA results with pedigrees requires analysis and synthesis.
  6. It's difficult to find analysis and synthesis in a sentence.
  7. Software lines time draws on the possibilities for analysis and synthesis offered by the digital medium.
  8. Castronova is clearly providing analysis and synthesis.
  9. The preface of "'Book VII "'explains the terms analysis and synthesis, and the distinction between theorem and problem.
  10. He posited that time and motion studies combined with rational analysis and synthesis could uncover one piece rates.
  11. The annual WMSCI Conference started in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1995 as ISAS ( Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis ).
  12. The third one, " Analysis and Synthesis of Single-Input / Single-Output Control Systems ", was published with vdf Hochschulverlag.
  13. Herndon, backing  native categories and inductive thinking, distinguishes between analysis and synthesis as two different methods for examining music.
  14. As a result, Odum did not restrict his inquiry to the analysis and synthesis of any one system in isolation.
  15. A vocoder, a portmanteau of the words voice and encoder, is an analysis and synthesis system, mostly used for speech.
  16. The principles of Boolean algebra are applied to switches, providing mathematical tools for analysis and synthesis of any switching system.
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