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  1. Processing data, analysis and interpretation are essential parts of the procedure.
  2. Similarly, data analysis and interpretation is a major bottleneck for pharmaceutical firms developing new drugs.
  3. Such variations may arise from a range of methodological variables, from sampling to analysis and interpretation.
  4. They range in scope from concise descriptions of a single social process to paradigms for analysis and interpretation.
  5. It may include analysis and interpretation of the new results, which is more of a grey area.
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  7. Marilyn Brown is a national leader in the analysis and interpretation of energy futures in the United States.
  8. He introduced to sugar agriculture a system of replicated experiments, with statistical analysis and interpretation of results.
  9. It offers sample collection, monitoring, analysis and interpretation of soil, water, plant tissue and wastes.
  10. Though nearly all the scrolls have now been translated and published, much analysis and interpretation remains to be done.
  11. Lidar-derived products can be easily integrated into a Geographic Information System ( GIS ) for analysis and interpretation.
  12. Such analysis and interpretations are neo-marxist in its approach to the understanding and interpreting landscapes of the past.
  13. The third dimension is further divided into two parts : historical knowledge and perspective, and historical analysis and interpretation.
  14. The paper was filled with errors study design, analysis and interpretation . 157 lower-rated journals accepted it.
  15. Spitta's method of description, analysis and interpretation of source material became the new standard for Bach scholarship.
  16. He also complained about Wikipedia's lack of " persuasive analysis and interpretations, and clear and engaging prose ".
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