analysing in a sentence

"analysing" in Chinese  
  1. Both coaches spoke in coach-speak in analysing the game.
  2. So far, they have analysed 100-odd small fragments.
  3. When scientists analysed these cells there was no sign of telomerase.
  4. This is one aspect that has not been analysed in detail.
  5. The solutions were then analysed and acted out by the performers.
  6. It's difficult to find analysing in a sentence.
  7. Even so, investigators still needed to analyse bundles of documents.
  8. Previously, geometry was the standard mathematics used to analyse theories.
  9. Algorithms which include parallel processing may be more difficult to analyse.
  10. En empirisk analyse " ( " Macroeconomic planning under uncertainty.
  11. The animals'brains were analysed once any symptoms became apparent.
  12. Green's functions later also proved useful in analysing superconductivity.
  13. Operation Epsom has been analysed by many military historians and commentators.
  14. His poetry has been analysed for foreign non-Ukrainian elements.
  15. Knowledge can be analysed decomposed and simplified into basic building blocks.
  16. Here fragments accumulate, permitting researchers to analyse the snails taken.
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