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  1. The "'TR Ara馻 "'( Spanish ) meaning " route tracing spider " is a robot which is claimed to remotely analyse the composition of the ground.
  2. (b ) Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms : Restriction enzymes are also used to analyse the composition of DNA in regard to presence or absence of mutations that affect the specificity of the REase cleavage specificity.
  3. The microscope and spectrometer ( CIVA-M ) are mounted on the base of the lander, and are used to analyse the composition, texture and albedo ( reflectivity ) of samples collected from the surface.
  4. The main advantage of the Scanner over current and potential new scanners is its ability to accurately and rapidly analyse the composition, shape and density of an object-in real-time without unpacking freight containers.
  5. Menzel, a mentor of several prolific astronomers, calculated " Atomic Transition Probabilities ", analysed the composition of stars from their spectra, studied the physics of gaseous nebulae and the Sun's chromosphere, observed solar eclipses, and measured the rotation period of Uranus and Neptune by means of spectroscopy.
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  7. In a rebuttal of the Gauquelins'published conclusion, Marvin Zelen analysed the composition, not of the 17, 000 non-champions of the control group, but of the 303 champions, splitting this secondary subsample ( which was already nearly too small to test 22 % vs 17 % ) by eliminating female athletes, a subgroup that gave the results most favourable to Gauquelin, and dividing the remaining athletes into city / rural sections and Parisian / non-Parisian sections.

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