analyses in a sentence

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  1. Even analyses of per capita income and unemployment can be misleading.
  2. Griese's analyses are terse, simple and quite welcome.
  3. Drug companies now are much more interested in doing these analyses.
  4. The World Wide Web spills over with analyses and proposed solutions.
  5. The State Department's intelligence arm specializes in political analyses.
  6. It's difficult to find analyses in a sentence.
  7. As the talks turned earnest, the companies began exhaustive analyses.
  8. _To ask for nutritional analyses if you need that information.
  9. The analyses produced no startling revelations or revisions of the past.
  10. Splashed across multiple panels are the DNA analyses of several people.
  11. There are lies, damn lies, statistics and database analyses,
  12. Analyses of cultural imperialism and prescriptions for multiculturalism have become commonplace.
  13. Earlier analyses by Indian agencies concluded there was no local contamination.
  14. We have no reason to believe our earlier analyses will change.
  15. Investigators are still awaiting more analyses on the weapons and explosives.
  16. "We did a huge analyses of where we were at.
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