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  1. Meanwhile, other major amplifier brands in the industry were still producing analog amplifiers.
  2. This makes a thyristor unsuitable as an analog amplifier, but useful as a switch.
  3. In analog amplifiers this curtailment of frequency response is a major implication of the Miller effect.
  4. While originally designed to handle logic-level digital signals, a TTL inverter can be biased as an analog amplifier.
  5. It is not limited to digital systems and can even be created with passive audio transformers or analog amplifiers.
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  7. Hybrid filters are also possible, typically involving a combination of analog amplifiers with delay lines have also been used as discrete-time filters.
  8. At that time, low-power analog amplifier technology was developed very well  in contrast to the semiconductor chips necessary for a " real " digital camera.
  9. After the success of the Resound Corporation, other hearing aid companies began putting out hybrid hearing aids that included analog amplifiers, filters, and limiters that were managed digitally.
  10. It is sometimes given the acronym FTTLA ( fiber-to-the-last-amplifier ) when it replaces analog amplifiers up to the last one before the customer ( or neighborhood of customers ).
  11. Like the 4000 series, the newer CMOS versions of the 7400 series are also usable as analog amplifiers using negative feedback ( similar to operational amplifiers with only an inverting input ).
  12. However, when wider bands are needed, for instance a very high ( action potentials ) or a low frequency ( local field potentials ), they could be filtered digitally, perhaps with second-stage analog amplifier before being digitized.
  13. Analog Devices, based in Norwood, Mass ., has " extraordinarily high gross margins " similar to Linear's for its converter and analog amplifier segments, according to a presentation by Jerald G . Fishman, Analog's chief executive, to investors in New York in June.
  14. A TTL gate may operate inadvertently as an analog amplifier if the input is connected to a slowly changing input signal that traverses the unspecified region from 0.8 V to 2 V . The output can be erratic when the input is in this range.

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