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  1. A 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion channel is commonplace.
  2. The ability of an organisation to analog-to-digital conversions never get used.
  3. Aliasing is a major concern in the analog-to-digital conversion of video and audio signals.
  4. For each antenna, a down conversion and analog-to-digital conversion step is typically completed.
  5. He is considered " the father of high-speed, analog-to-digital conversion ."
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  7. Eliminating a detour through the cable box also spares your video signal an analog-to-digital conversion or two.
  8. Each uses a number of lenses and an analog-to-digital conversion chip to convert an image into binary bits.
  9. Unlike video editing cards, these cards tend to not have dedicated hardware for processing video beyond the analog-to-digital conversion.
  10. In 2003 Neumann introduced their first microphone with built-in analog-to-digital conversion, the Solution-D D-01.
  11. The aesthetics of the content-ratings argument will seem simple compared with the coming discussion of TV's analog-to-digital conversion.
  12. Digital modulation methods can be considered as digital-to-analog conversion, and the corresponding demodulation or detection as analog-to-digital conversion.
  13. Early telecommunication devices utilized analog-to-digital conversion devices called modulator / demodulators, or modems, to convert analog signals to digital signals and back.
  14. Several sources of power consumption in sensors are : signal sampling and conversion of physical signals to electrical ones, signal conditioning, and analog-to-digital conversion.
  15. The SQNR reflects the relationship between the maximum nominal signal strength and the quantization error ( also known as quantization noise ) introduced in the analog-to-digital conversion.
  16. If a waiting period is required, such as for analog-to-digital conversion, the master must wait for at least that period of time before issuing clock cycles.
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