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  1. Parallel development in sawfly wings is most frequent in the anal veins.
  2. The anal vein does not reach the alar margin.
  3. The anal vein of the wing is shortened.
  4. The anal cell of wing and the anal vein of wing are both present.
  5. The hindwings have only 8 veins, with the anal veins vestigal or absent.
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  7. In all sawflies, 2A & 3A tend to fuse with the first anal vein.
  8. All these pattern elements are strongly incurved between the cubitals and anal veins, but less so towards the termen.
  9. From the apical fourth of the costa there is an irregular blackish-fuscous line, extending to the anal veins.
  10. The hindwings are dark brown with a white patch on the anterior margin and white hair-pencils along the anal veins.
  11. Their anal veins are 1b and 1c like on the forewings; they lack vein 1a but also have the tubular vein 1c.
  12. The vannal tracheae usually arise from a common tracheal stem in nymphal insects, and the veins are regarded as branches of a single anal vein.
  13. Apart from the costal and the anal veins, each vein can be branched, in which case the branches are numbered from anterior to posterior.
  14. In addition, there are two anal veins, of which the second, also called the axillary, separates the anal region from the alula.
  15. The hindwings are buff to ocherous fuscous, with the veins outlined darker and the anal area with darker scaling parallel to the first anal vein.
  16. The ground colour of the forewings is reddish rust, preserved mostly along the termen, costa and along the anal veins and dorsal arm of the median cell.
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