anal glands in a sentence

"anal glands" meaning  "anal glands" in Chinese  
  1. They also expel larger pellets covered with secretions from the anal gland.
  2. The animal has a strong sense of smell and large anal glands.
  3. If frightened, they will secrete a noxious substance from their anal glands.
  4. They have to smell each other's anal gland so they can have sex.
  5. When frightened, the yellow mongoose will growl and secrete from its anal glands.
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  7. Females have eight or ten teats, and both sexes possess scent-producing anal glands.
  8. The anal glands of males are also lined with detachable hairs.
  9. Another good distinguishing character of the subfamily is presence of anal glands in females.
  10. Most pet ferrets in the US are sold de-scented ( anal glands removed ).
  11. Like all skunk species, it possesses powerful anal glands used to deter would-be attackers.
  12. It also emits a foul-smelling liquid from its anal glands.
  13. Related beavers share more features in their anal gland secretion profile than unrelated beavers.
  14. When alarmed, the animal sprays a secretion from its anal gland against the predator.
  15. If threatened, it can expel a foul-smelling secretion from enlarged anal glands under the tail.
  16. Tamanduas manufacture a potent musk in their anal glands which they use for marking territory.
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