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  1. Wiggins'power output has been measured to be over 450 watts at anaerobic threshold.
  2. Anaerobic threshold _ AT for short _ is the crux of scientific training.
  3. Zone 0 _ Below 65 percent of anaerobic threshold _ Minimal calorie burn.
  4. His doctoral thesis concerned the measurement of anaerobic threshold in the sport of running.
  5. Lance Armstrong's coach kept him four beats below his anaerobic threshold for maximum performance ."
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  7. :I thought those tables were mainly for calculating aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and were guidelines.
  8. The test continues for a while, under increasing load, until the subject has gone well past the anaerobic threshold.
  9. The blood lactate concentration at the anaerobic threshold is called the " maximum steady-state lactate concentration " ( MLSS ).
  10. Although exercising at lower intensities will improve aerobic conditioning, the most rapid gains are made when exercising close to an individual's anaerobic threshold.
  11. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in a much larger cohort of patients with LAM revealed a reduced maximal oxygen consumption ( anaerobic threshold in 217 patients.
  12. Maximal oxygen uptake ( VO 2 max ), the number of red blood cells and the anaerobic threshold were not modified after hypoventilation training.
  13. All you need is a measure of your anaerobic threshold, and the ability to read a wristwatch _ in this case, a heart-rate monitor.
  14. This in turn can help a person to maintain an appropriate level of consumption and utilization by studying a graphical representation of the anaerobic threshold.
  15. "Each coach will know the anaerobic threshold of individual players, " says Lamb . " They will know how much running they can handle based on the day's conditions ."
  16. Zone 3 _ 95 percent to 105 percent of AT _ Called the anaerobic threshold training zone, this hard training zone develops speed and high-intensity aerobic conditioning through interval training.
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