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  1. "I've got the amplitude to do it.
  2. Then the amplitude went up, up, up, up.
  3. In this limit, the invariant scattering amplitude is still constant.
  4. The units of the amplitude depend on the type of wave.
  5. Thermal noise in an ideal resistor is approximately Gaussian amplitude distribution.
  6. It's difficult to find amplitude in a sentence.
  7. They adapt to higher elevations by extending their wing stroke amplitude.
  8. The wave function cannot therefore be interpreted as a probability amplitude.
  9. There are no markers as in the amplitude modulated time code.
  10. The number of the maximum pressure amplitude is tiny, indeed.
  11. They exhibit enhanced near-field amplitude at the resonance wavelength.
  12. In rats, these signals frequently exceed 1 millivolt in amplitude.
  13. The output signal will jump in amplitude and be greatly distorted.
  14. While commenting on the physics surrounding the derivation of the probability amplitude
  15. It is a suspected variable star with a very small amplitude.
  16. The effect will be amplitude-dependent, among other things.
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