amplifying in a sentence

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  1. It was amplifying on its earnings statement at the news conference.
  2. He talked loudly, even though there was an amplifying system,
  3. A Helmholtz resonator is unusually selective in amplifying only one frequency.
  4. The main use of AMPs in the network is amplifying content.
  5. Bennett as the prime suspect, amplifying racial tensions in the city.
  6. It's difficult to find amplifying in a sentence.
  7. Simply amplifying everything wouldn't do much good, Ator said.
  8. We think that inosine is amplifying that type of growth.
  9. Levels of play other amplifying roles in glycolysis in hepatocytes.
  10. They particularly focus on amplifying the voices of poor and marginalised people.
  11. Together, this coupled neuroimmune response has an amplifying effect on inflammation.
  12. She then begins amplifying, forcing Shaun to execute her.
  13. Hewson then wrote an article for spiked amplifying her views.
  14. Amplifying these problems is the ever-present shortage of land in Japan.
  15. There are three versions of light-amplifying night-vision technology available.
  16. You could call this a creativity-amplifying machine.
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