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"amplify" meaning  "amplify" in Chinese  
  1. It distracts from rather than amplifies what he has to say.
  2. Nothing further is explained, nor will DeLeo amplify on it.
  3. The open space tends to amplify the actions of a few.
  4. The buzz they generate amplifies an art form's energy.
  5. But gazing balls seem to reflect and amplify any garden style.
  6. It's difficult to find amplify in a sentence.
  7. The amount by which vapor amplifies the warming therefore remains uncertain.
  8. Davis said Gamesville is profitable but would not amplify on that.
  9. The open kitchen and plangent rock music amplify the festive mood.
  10. The Internet has also helped amplify the group's voice.
  11. Today's events only amplify Inoshita's grim memories.
  12. The polar regions have a way in which they amplify change.
  13. The repeater amplifies radio signals so they can travel longer distances.
  14. He also was bringing back sound equipment to amplify campaign messages.
  15. They use leaves to amplify the kiss squeak sounds they produce.
  16. The ossicles help amplify sound waves by nearly 15 20 times.
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