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  1. Valve amplifier circuits are significantly different from broadband solid state circuits.
  2. Operational amplifier circuits typically employ negative feedback to get a predictable transfer function.
  3. RF circuits are significantly different from broadband amplifier circuits.
  4. It is widely used today in the design of electronic oscillators, and general feedback amplifier circuits.
  5. The practical amplifier circuit to the right could be the basis for a moderate-power audio amplifier.
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  7. Because of the simplicity of the amplifier circuits, amplifiers are of lower cost than re-generators.
  8. Univac LARC transistorized supercomputer memory-read amplifier circuit board using Philco's surface-barrier transistors-1960
  9. To employ this formula, one has to identify a critical controlled source for the particular amplifier circuit in hand.
  10. Another goal of frequency compensation is to control the step response of an amplifier circuit as shown in Figure 1.
  11. These signals are combined in the amplifier circuit to yield a wide band signal extending from DC to over 50 MHz.
  12. Among his inventions is the quasi-complementary ( transistor ) amplifier circuit, which has been used in many commercial audio amplifiers.
  13. The SNX1304 consisted of a GaAs p-n junction light emitter optically coupled to an integrated silicon photodetector feedback-amplifier circuit.
  14. The actual coupling between a transmitting and receiving antenna is so small that amplifier circuits are required at both the transmitting and receiving stations.
  15. The parallel circuit is seen on the output of many amplifier circuits, and is used to isolate the amplifier from capacitive loading effects at high frequencies.
  16. An "'audio filter "'is a frequency dependent amplifier circuit, working in the audio frequency range, 0 Hz to beyond 20 kHz.
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