amplified in a sentence

"amplified" in Chinese  
  1. And yet results in the American market can be amplified overseas.
  2. Already dangerous diseases are amplified by new kinds of human activity.
  3. Some yelled so loud that their amplified voices shook the mall.
  4. At least he used instruments, even if they were amplified.
  5. McAfee then amplified his disciplinary style in an interview with Jennings.
  6. It's difficult to find amplified in a sentence.
  7. He said the president's amplified comments were not sufficient.
  8. The orchestra, singers, and chorus will not be amplified.
  9. Electric pastels amplified the collection's good, clean sinfulness.
  10. He also supported amplified guitars and rock music in the church.
  11. The voice was amplified throughout the stadium and the fans chuckled.
  12. At jazz concerts, sounds are sometimes amplified or electronically modified,
  13. As throttles are cocked, amplified insect whines fill tha qkr.
  14. "I amplified the ending, " she said.
  15. It then amplified that decision in the Tennard case in June.
  16. Other amplified classrooms showed better scores on math concepts and computation.
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