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  1. Some devices, like his Kurzweil scanner, rely on highly sophisticated technologies; others are as low-tech as amplified telephones and motorized wheelchairs.
  2. The amplified telephone like Betty McGoff has, for example, was provided free of charge through AIDB with grants from the Alabama Public Service Commission.
  3. In particular, AT & T acquired ownership of the ", the first triode ( three-element ) vacuum tube, which greatly amplified telephone signals.
  4. The Kansas senator was not there, but his voice was, by way of an amplified telephone call from his plane, flying from New Hampshire to South Dakota.
  5. Stymied by fog and rain, the Kansas Republican had to cancel two of three campaign events in South Carolina on Friday, leaving him to address crowds in Aiken and Mount Pleasant by an amplified telephone hookup.
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  7. In the framework of " Art Planet ", he organizes the Interactive Museum with real time visits at distance of museum exhibitions by using amplified telephone, video and slides, prefiguring thus Internet visioconferencing.
  8. However, she collaborated with the Post Office more extensively when she tested the hearing of telephonists using her audiometer, and in 1937 she installed Post Office amplified telephones designed for people with hearing loss into her clinic.
  9. A weary-sounding Mr . Dole sent his regrets to the delegates at a dinner Thursday night through an amplified telephone connection : " We've been up until midnight, one or two, all week, trying to get the President to understand ."
  10. The results of her clinical tests provided data that the Post Office used to improve its amplified telephone service, and the phonetic tests that Kerridge had created with Dennis Butler Fry were later used in the Post Office's design of the Medresco-the first NHS hearing aid.

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