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  1. This prevents amplified spontaneous emission and is important for a good beam quality and high power amplifiers.
  2. On the one hand SLEDs are semiconductor devices that are optimized to generate a large amount of amplified spontaneous emission ( ASE ).
  3. The initial spontaneous emission is therefore amplified in the same manner as the signals, hence the term " Amplified Spontaneous Emission ".
  4. Experimentally, the dominant source of such noise is typically amplified spontaneous emission ( ASE ) from the laser itself or amplifiers used to increase the optical power.
  5. Consequently nanocavities are fundamentally better suited to efficiently produce spontaneous emission and amplified spontaneous emission light modulated at frequencies much higher than 20 GHz without negative thermal effects.
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  7. The principal source of noise in DFAs is Amplified Spontaneous Emission ( ASE ), which has a spectrum approximately the same as the gain spectrum of the amplifier.
  8. The underlying principle of the intense pulses from the X-ray laser lies in the principle of self-amplified spontaneous emission ( SASE ), which leads to the microbunching.
  9. Some lasers do not use an optical cavity, but instead rely on very high optical gain to produce significant amplified spontaneous emission ( ASE ) without needing feedback of the light back into the gain medium.
  10. For example, if the gain medium of a ( misaligned ) laser is emission-seeded but non-oscillating radiation, it is said to emit amplified spontaneous emission or " ASE ".
  11. Then the signal beam first passes through the center for maximal amplification, but in later passes the diameter is increased to stay below the damage-threshold, to avoid amplification the outer parts of the beam, thus increasing beam quality and cutting off some amplified spontaneous emission and to completely deplete the inversion in the gain medium.
  12. Optical cavities are a major component of all lasers, they are responsible for providing amplification of a light source via positive feedback, a process known as amplified spontaneous emission or ASE . Nanophotonic resonators offer inherently higher light energy confinement than ordinary cavities, which means stronger light-material interactions, and therefore lower lasing threshold provided the quality factor of the resonator is high.
  13. The round-trip loss may limit the power scaling of the active mirrors, or disk lasers, while the size of the gain medium scales up, and the gain size product is limited by the exponential growth of the amplified spontaneous emission; the powerful disk laser should work at low values of the coupling parameter and even lower values of the round-trip loss.

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