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  1. Recent molecular work mainly employs DNA sequencing, microsatellites, and AFLP ( amplified fragment length polymorphism ).
  2. Another technique, AmpFLP, or amplified fragment length polymorphism was also put into practice during the early 1990s.
  3. Determination of geographic origin : Determining the origin of a certain species aids research in population numbers and Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms ( AFLPs ).
  4. They applied a coalescent-based approach to mtDNA phylogeny and evaluated the degree of historical admixture, testing overall genetic differences from amplified fragment length polymorphism ( AFLP ).
  5. Genetic diversity for the different " L . paracasei " genomes was assessed using multilocus sequence typing ( MLST ) and amplified fragment length polymorphism ( AFLP ).
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  7. Although AFLP is commonly referred to as " Amplified fragment length polymorphism ", the resulting data are not scored as length polymorphisms, but instead as presence-absence polymorphisms.
  8. An earlier study using amplified fragment length polymorphism fingerprinting showed a close association of wisent and American bison and probably with yak, but noted that the interbreeding of Bovini species made determining relationships problematic.
  9. Two techniques for doing this are amplified fragment length polymorphism, which through comparing differences between various fragments in the sequence has enabled researchers to differentiate correctly between EU and U . S . isolates,
  10. Some of the methods used to study the genome or phylogenetics are RFLP, Amplified fragment length polymorphism ( AFLP ), RAPD, SSR . They can be used to create genetic maps of whatever organism is being studied.
  11. In the seminal 2001 paper, Wilding " et al " demonstrated, using amplified fragment length polymorphism, that the low shore M form of the species were divergent from the high shore H form at number of loci despite gene flow between the forms.
  12. The plants that form this species were previously thought to form part of the natural genetic diversity of " Arundinaria gigantea " ( Walt . ) Muhl ., but upon in depth analysis using modern phylogenetic methods based on morphology and amplified fragment length polymorphisms, the researchers determined that the canes form three species.
  13. Some of the molecular methods used in species identification are repetitive extragenic palindromic sequence-based PCR, ribotyping, pulsed field gel electrophoresis ( PFGE ), random amplified polymorphic DNA, amplified fragment length polymorphism ( AFLP ), restriction and sequence analysis of tRNA and 16S-23S rRNA gene spacers and amplified 16S ribosomal DNA restriction analysis ( ARDRA ).
  14. Analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequence demonstrated that this species is a member of the " Lactobacillus plantarum " species group but further analysis demonstrated that it is possible to differentiate it from the nearest neighbors by means of DNA-DNA hybridization experiments, pheS sequence analysis, whole-cell protein electrophoresis, fluorescent amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis and biochemical characterization.
  15. The source is " A single domestication for potato based on multilocus amplified fragment length polymorphism genotyping " by David M . Spooner *, Karen McLean, Gavin Ramsay, Robbie Waugh, and Glenn J . Bryan, PNAS 2005 The discussion and other sources cited can be fully read [ http : / / en . wikipedia . org / wiki / User _ talk : Teberald here and here.
  16. Genetic confirmation of thsese four Chinese subspecies : Based on shell form, biogeographical and allozyme data, Davis et al . ( 1995 ) distinguished 3 subspecies of the " Oncomelania hupensis " in mainland China . separated the " Oncomelania hupensis guangxiensis " out from " Oncomelania hupensis tangi " based on allozymes and amplified fragment length polymorphism ( AFLP ), which was verified recently by Li et al . with internal transcribed spacer ( ITS ) and 16S fragments.

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