amplified conference in a sentence

  1. The website has become a useful tool for amplified conferences.
  2. An amplified conference also provides a considerably altered archive compared with a'traditional'one.
  3. A 2007 blog post was responsible for the coining of the term " amplified conference ".
  4. Increasing numbers of amplified conferences are being provided which exploit the potential of WiFi networks and mobile devices in order to enable remote participants to contribute to discussions and listen to ideas.
  5. A paper by illustrates how amplified conferences are becoming mainstream in a discussion on " " how social media have been employed as part of the project, particularly around event ampli鹀ation " ".
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  7. For the latter, the printed proceedings will be the main record, but for an amplified event this record is distributed across many media and takes in a wider range of content types, including the papers, videos of the presentations ( for example on YouTube ), the slides ( e . g . on Slideshare ), photos of the event ( Flickr ), interaction between participants ( Twitter ), reflections and comments ( blogs ), etc . The amplified conference represents an example of changing practice in digital scholarship.

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