amplified cactus in a sentence

  1. The amplified cactus is a medium rarely written for, even in the contemporary music genre.
  2. Another of the most famous pieces for amplified cactus is called " Degrees of Separation " " Grandchild of Tree " by Paul Rudy which received mention at the Bourges International Competition for Electroacoustic Music in 2000.
  3. They are "'plucked idiophones "', such as the Jew's harp, amplified cactus, mazanki, kouxian, dan moi, music box and mbira ( lamellophone or thumb piano ); "'blown idiophones "', of which there are a very small number of examples, the Aeolsklavier being one; and "'friction idiophones "', such as the singing bowl, glass harmonica, glass harp, turntable, verrophone, daxophone, styrophone, musical saw, and nail violin ( a number of pieces of metal or wood rubbed with a bow ).
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