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  1. The album featured Donaldson utilizing the varitone amplification system for his saxophone.
  2. When introduced in 2003 they were called Personalized Amplification Systems for Musicians.
  3. On Tuesday, the hall's amplification system was rarely true to sound.
  4. An amplification system with two transducers combines the qualities of both.
  5. Other equipment includes a new amplification system with audio induction loop.
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  7. The Met is considering upgrading its amplification system for next summer's parks concerts.
  8. But then opera houses aren't supposed to need amplification systems.
  9. Separate but compatible signal amplification systems enable the multiplex assays.
  10. Past the first few rows, the music is received chiefly via the amplification system.
  11. Amplification systems and speakers are routinely tested, she added.
  12. The amplification system at the Minskoff is pretty good.
  13. Eastley collaborated with sound engineer Dave Hunt to develop an innovative computer-controlled amplification system for these installations.
  14. Expect virtual instruments to invade the Broadway orchestra pit, already the domain of digital keyboards and ear-numbing amplification systems.
  15. This combination of sensitivity, bandwidth and price lead to its popularity in audio amplification systems during the tube era.
  16. Because of tardy sound engineers, the amplification system was not set up during the first half of the show.
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