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  1. The active circuit consists of an impedance translating stage and an optional amplification stage.
  2. Modern radio receivers use the superheterodyne design, with many more amplification stages, but much more stable operation and no positive feedback.
  3. The output stage is preceded by a voltage amplification stage ( pentode or twin triode ) and a phase-splitter ( twin triode ).
  4. Due to the low gain of early triodes it required 9 tubes, with 5 IF amplification stages, and used an IF of around 50 kHz.
  5. The earlier PRC-25, nearly identical except for a vacuum tube final amplification stage, was tested in EMP simulators, but was not certified to remain fully functional.
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  7. Inside the CD 1 PS engineers added a discrete high voltage line stage and power supply, replacing the NE 5532 op amps used as the output amplification stage of the Magnavox.
  8. For this reason, it is normally used as a stretcher before the amplification stage, since the low-intensity seed pulses can be collimated to a beam with a small diameter.
  9. The basic idea was to extend the laser device into a very long " beamline ", over which any imperfections that accumulated in the beam would be successively removed after every amplification stage.
  10. Injection is rarely used, avoiding any risks of trace chemical contaminants that may be present from the bacteria amplification stage, and recognizing that the immune system naturally fights against viruses introduced into the bloodstream or lymphatic system.
  11. These effects became so severe after just the first few amplification stages of early lasers, that it was seen as essentially impossible to exceed the gigawatt level for ICF lasers without destroying the laser itself after just a few shots.
  12. Each tap at the resistor ladder is used for one comparator, possibly preceded by an amplification stage, and thus generates a logical 0 or 1 depending on whether the measured voltage is above or below the reference voltage of the resistor tap.
  13. Communications receivers may have more complex AVC systems, including extra amplification stages, separate AGC detector diodes, different time constants for broadcast and shortwave bands, and application of different levels of AGC voltage to different stages of the receiver to prevent distortion and cross-modulation.
  14. In the early 1980s and with the advent of the Compact Disc, PS was one of the first American high-end audio manufacturers to modify one of the few CD players of the day by replacing its internal audio amplification stage following the internal D to A player.
  15. The United Kingdom measures at the point the antenna is connected to the signal feed cable, which means the radio system may transmit more than 400 W to overcome signal loss in the cable; conversely, Germany measures power at the output of the final amplification stage, which results in a loss in radiated power with longer cable feeds.
  16. Instead of adding in another circuit known as a head amp to increase the gain for Moving Coil cartridges, the IV took advantage of its passive RIAA curve design and simply increased the gain of the input amplification stage by an additional 30dB . All future preamplifiers pre-1997 had this unique circuit that reduced the circuitry in the path of the phono cartridge.

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