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  1. The amplification factor is 21-output voltage amplitude divided by input voltage amplitude.
  2. The amplification factor is given in terms of this value:
  3. In important cities, soil conditions and their amplification factors are mapped for microzonation purposes.
  4. Usually the amplification factor decreases as the input level increases.
  5. In particular, amplification factor is not constant for all levels.
  6. It's difficult to find amplification factor in a sentence.
  7. This degree of amplification is referred to in valve data sheets as the amplification factor.
  8. Here M is the photon thrust amplification factor.
  9. For a globe the amplification factor is 3.
  10. These greatly reduced grid spacings also give a much higher amplification factor than conventional axial designs.
  11. Then computing an amplification factor, for the decoder to use to re-expand each sub-band to the proper frequency range.
  12. M and A are respectively called stress amplification factors ( SAF ) for macro stresses and for temperature increment.
  13. The amplification factor of color signal is always slightly different than that of CVS . ( The color signal is superimposed on CVS ).
  14. Dynamic characteristics of site such as predominant period, amplification factor, shear wave velocity, standard penetration test values can be used for seismic microzonation purpose.
  15. The American version was also a little more sensitive because the grid that accepted the signal was closer to the cathode increasing the amplification factor.
  16. The increase in the effect of a dynamic load is given by the dynamic amplification factor ( DAF ) or dynamic load factor ( DLF ):
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