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  1. Marilyn Manson, " Portrait of an American Family"
  2. Ramos'prescription for an American victory is four-fold.
  3. That they should do it for the future of American soccer?
  4. The Americans like a good spectacle, and it was that,
  5. And now there's this American thing to deal with.
  6. It's difficult to find american in a sentence.
  7. Greeks, the Bible, American folklore, and other sources.
  8. Only 85 percent of Americans are insured on any given day.
  9. The minority viewpoint on that matter comes from the American players.
  10. His gift is the largest ever made for American public education.
  11. American moviegoers spent their Fourth of July holiday celebrating a king.
  12. Because Americans can't pronounce " shiatsuryoho ."
  13. He also served as an officer of the American Chemical Society.
  14. Big-band jazz is the only true American art form.
  15. Arab-Americans also say they are unhappy with their designation.
  16. In the past, African American women have always stuck together.
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