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  1. His clearest illustration of that brilliant idea is the American Civil War.
  2. Lee tackles his biggest challenge to date : the American Civil War.
  3. The district is also home to the African American Civil War Memorial.
  4. Military tribunals also were used during and after the American Civil War.
  5. Mitchell uses the American Civil War where Thackerary employed the Napoleonic Wars.
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  7. It's a sequel to the American Civil War, you might say.
  8. Carnival celebrations in Mobile were canceled during the American Civil War.
  9. He was also an American Civil War officer for the North.
  10. He officially joined the American Civil War effort a month later.
  11. The warrant program was discontinued prior to the American Civil War.
  12. He has written on the American Revolution and American Civil War.
  13. He was also a Confederate Army during the American Civil War.
  14. The American Civil War is when this country became this country.
  15. The Southside Railroad was heavily damaged during the American Civil War.
  16. She fights in many battles during the second American Civil War.
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