american civil rights union in a sentence

  1. Concurrently, he formerly served as general counsel for the American Civil Rights Union and policy director of the Carleson Center for Welfare Reform.
  2. The United States Department of Justice and the American Civil Rights Union, a non-partisan legal policy organization, submitted an amicus brief on behalf of the Boy Scouts.
  3. A civil libertarian group, the American Civil Rights Union ( not to be confused with the ACLU ), set up the Scouting Legal Defense Fund, and routinely helped with lawsuits.
  4. The company has been active in many fundraising causes, from the Vietnam War POW / MIA issue in the early 1980s to providing most of the funding for the American Civil Rights Union in the 2000s.
  5. Amicus briefs in support of Koontz were filed by the American Civil Rights Union, the National Association of Home Builders, the National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Legal Center, and six other parties.
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  7. In response to opposition to the BSA's policies, several organizations were formed to support the BSA . These included now-defunct organizations such as the American Civil Rights Union's Scouting Legal Defense Fund, and Save Our Scouts.
  8. Carleson's memoirs were published as Government IS the Problem : Memoirs of Ronald Reagan's Welfare Reformer edited by Susan A . Carleson and Hans A . Zeiger, foreword by Edwin Meese III ( Alexandria, Virginia : American Civil Rights Union, 2009 ), 160 pages.
  9. From 2009-10, Doggart used the release of his documentary " American Faust : From Condi to Neo-Condi " to launch a campaign to bring to justice officials in the Bush Administration whom contributors in the film -including attorneys from the American Civil Rights Union, Amnesty International and PBS but has so far failed to secure its objective of Rice's arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.
  10. In a legal brief filed in support of the BSA, the American Civil Rights Union argued that " To label [ the BSA's membership policies ] discriminatory and exclusionary, and a civil rights violation, is an assault on the very freedom of American citizens to advance, promote, and teach traditional moral values . " In 2000, a group of current and former members of the BSA created the group " Save Our Scouts ", in order " to support and defend the principles of the Scout Oath and Law ".
  11. Parties who lodged amicus briefs with the court included : Judge Georg Ress and the Marriage Law Foundation; William N . Eskridge, Jr ., " et al " .; the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence; the Public Advocate of the United States, " et al " .; the National Association of Evangelicals, " et al " .; the American Civil Rights Union; Judicial Watch, Inc ., " et al " .; the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund, Inc .; the Foundation for Moral Law; and the state of Indiana, " et al ".

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