america in a sentence

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  1. Someone in North America dropped the " r ."
  2. We could stay anywhere, play any team in South America,
  3. U . S . oil companies have had it with America.
  4. Not everything in America must be big; just almost everything.
  5. The bland, blond Swedes-- America's Team.
  6. It's difficult to find america in a sentence.
  7. America has ended its embargo of another old enemy, Vietnam.
  8. Is no medicine cabinet safe from the repackagers of corporate America?
  9. America is the home of a dessert called Death by Chocolate.
  10. What is America willing to do to repair the damage done?
  11. "That wouldn't happen in America ."
  12. So yes, the students from America help keep us alive.
  13. America today, they would find the landscape dotted with prisons.
  14. We don't have a crisis in America ."
  15. We're just as nervous on the streets of America.
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