america 3000 in a sentence

  1. ""'America 3000 " "'is a 1986 post-apocalyptic science-fiction cult film which takes place 900 years in the future in Colorado.
  2. Or will we come together-as is our potential-as the class that ends capitalism's conquest to secure all means of production ? " Pop culture theorist Stefan Tiron comments that he is " overenthusiastic about Gstettensaga-because it distracts the Hollywood canon, because it is such a genre bender, a satiric H bomb, a horror movie and ex-auction house vaudeville going for the unexpected dialectical turns of current history, and leading us into the untrodden and definitely outrageous wastelands that could be populated by the likes of " Surf Nazis Must Die ", " Escape from New York ", " Steel Dawn " or " America 3000 " . " Jason Scott Sadofsky calls it " the best kind of low-budget filmmaking ", it is like " watching an absurdist play by Beckett, if Beckett decided to work on the Mad Max franchise . " V . Vale was " struck by the beautiful imagery and sound, mythological plot dimensions " and Richard Kadrey calls it a " mad post-collapse satire of information culture and tech fetishism, in a weird sort of melding of " Stalker ", " Network ", and " The Bed-Sitting Room " . " Political scholar Sebastian Vetter interprets the satirical dimension of the plot : " The old world has been reduced to ashes by the earlier beacons of hope ( China stands for Maoism and Google for alternative culture ).
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