america 12 in a sentence

  1. Jillani Ghulam came to America 12 years ago from the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. Group 3 : America 12; Necaxa 11; Leon 6; Tecos 3; Atlante 1;
  3. Wilder was met in New York by his brother, Willie, who had come to America 12 years earlier.
  4. Germany made up 53 percent, North America 12 percent, South America 4 percent and Asia, Pacific and Africa 1 percent.
  5. Previously, the oldest known occupation of Siberia was about 30, 000 to 40, 000 years ago, and the earliest established evidence places humans in America 12, 500 years ago.
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  7. Jones'racing career spanned 60 years, during which Calumet Farm became the leading owner of racehorses in America 12 times in a 20-year span and the leading breeder 14 times.
  8. Various names were considered, with the " America 12 " conference reportedly one of the finalists until rejected by college presidents sensitive of adding a number to the end of the conference name.
  9. Confirmation of such a finding would upset the widely held theory that humans first entered the Americas 12, 000 years ago by crossing the Bering land bridge from Asia, a belief that MacNeish had long sought to disprove.

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