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  1. SAN DIEGO, Calif . _ Speaking from the deck of one of Americ
  2. Philadelphia also is among the few major Americ ` n
  3. Etienne d'Americ led the defense of Montpellier in an energetic manner.
  4. The site is a sub part of the AFRO-Americ ( at ) Web portal.
  5. The company's first recorded sales were clean-room gloves sold to Americ Disc in Drummondville, Quebec.
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  7. In Canada, the album was pressed by Disque Americ and was distributed by Capitol Records / EMI Of Canada Limited.
  8. White supports Murphy, who was chosen " Baseball Americ " a's national Coach of the Year in 1998.
  9. Ringmann may have read the French edition of Vespucci's letters ( " Quatre Navigations d'Americ Vespuce " ).
  10. Other related breeds included George Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll's Roseneath Terrier and Dr . Americ Edwin Flaxman's Pittenweem Terriers.
  11. The orchestra has also regularly performed music by Singaporean composers, the most recent being a work dedicated to the BHSO by the young composer Americ Goh in 2009.
  12. It is the nomad in Americ Azevedo that led him to embrace one technology _ and a sense that he was suppressing his real identity that led him to eliminate another.
  13. In 1986, Americ Disc of Drummondville, Quebec began to manufacture CDs and after 1997, DVDs and has become one of the largest suppliers of this product in North America.
  14. -- Veterinary Centers Of Americ ( VCAI US ) was raised to " buy " from " neutral " by analyst Todd Richter at Dean Witter Reynolds Inc.
  15. Afro-Americ ( AT ), the site of Baltimore-based Afro-American Newspapers, has several exhibits in its online Black History Museum, which has links, photographs and documents.
  16. There was no record of the anthem, " Cymry Glan Americ ", having been performed in Wales; it is not certain if the work, which was written on January 1, 1872 had ever been performed previously.
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