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  1. From the titles and the wording of Athenaeus, it is evident that Amerias did not write an exclusively Macedonian dictionary.
  2. In a prefatory letter Hesychius mentions that his lexicon is based on that of Diogenianus ( itself extracted from an earlier work by Heliodorus, Amerias and others.
  3. In any case, since Amerias is the only ancient proper grammarian and lexicographer, who is quoted as Macedonian, his Glossary is regarded generally as Macedonian at least of 4th to 3rd century BC.
  4. It has been said that the name derives from the Ancient Macedonian " Mogila " which means graveyard, even though there has been nowhere recorded any such word by ancient lexicographers such as Hesychius of Alexandria, Amerias, Marsyas of Pella and Athenaeus who have saved around 200 ancient Macedonian words.
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