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  1. There are no opportunities to bulldoze 25 percent of the Amerian market.
  2. Amerian judge Larry Hazard had Cantwell winning 115-13.
  3. From " Amerian Favorites, " by Betty Rosbottom, Chapters.
  4. One dismal season, Harris lost more games than any other pitcher in the Amerian League.
  5. The School of the Americas is synonymous with the darkest chapter of US Latin Amerian policy,
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  7. Vasiliev became regular guest principal in Amerian Ballet Theatre, La Scala di Milano and Bolshoi.
  8. That ended nearly a century of U . S . military presence in this former Amerian colony.
  9. "Tight as a chicken " has been used in the Amerian Bread-Basket region for over forty years.
  10. In that attack a car bomb was detonated at an Amerian-run military training center in the heart of Riyadh.
  11. Wednesday night Clinton was schedule to fly to San Jose, Costa Rica, for a meeting of Central Amerian leaders.
  12. Unfortunately all that has been demonstrated thus far is a very limited scope of knowledge of the Amerian distance running pantheon.
  13. King would witness the destructive internal conflicts that disrupted African-Amerian political life in the years after Malcolm X's assassination.
  14. "He's an old pro and he was at the UN for many years . " the Amerian official said.
  15. Amerian argued the real skill lies with packers . ( The cook joins the fraternity of packers and their duties on the trail .)
  16. In the Amerian Indian culture, a totem is a symbol, generally an animal, considered ancestrally related to a person or group.
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