ameria in a sentence

  1. Sextus Roscius the Elder was a prosperous citizen of Ameria.
  2. "Two passages from Cicero s successful defense of Sextus Roscius of Ameria in southern Umbria.
  3. In the twenty-sixth year of his life, Cicero chose to defend Sextus Roscius of Ameria.
  4. In the 1980s, he was active in the group Artists Call Against U . S . Intervention in Central Ameria.
  5. Susan tells Tracy Steele where to find Nancy and her new boyfriend Frank Ameria, who is simply trying to protect her.
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  7. In 81 BC, Sextus Roscius of Ameria, a wealthy landowner, was murdered while returning from a party in Rome.
  8. Ameria's trade deficit with China lat year hit a record $ 124 billion, the highest imbalance ever recorded with any one country.
  9. After a course of studies at priories of the Order in Ameria, Padua, Istria, Florence and Rome, where he studied philosophy.
  10. Immediately following, word of his death was sent by Roscius Magnus, who was in Rome, to Roscius Capito, who was in Ameria.
  11. The speech " "'Pro Roscio Amerino " "'was given by Marcus Tullius Cicero on behalf of Roscius of Ameria.
  12. In short, most feared that by helping Roscius of Ameria, that they would themselves be proscribed, executed, and have their assets taken away from their families.
  13. Kinsey believes that the delegation of men from Ameria that went to Sulla s camp had no direct knowledge as to why Roscius I had been murdered and why his property had been seized.
  14. The immediate problem : Weak sales in Latin Ameria, particularly Brazil, and disappointing performance in the company's Braun division will probably cut first-quarter earnings a penny per share below expectations.
  15. In an interview on " Fox & Friends " which aired in late January 2015, Lynch announced he was in the middle of producing " They Come to Ameria III ".
  16. Seventeen percentof consumers polled said they planned to increase holiday spending this year, a 2 percen increase from last year, according to the study by the Consumer Federation of Ameria and Credit Union National Association.
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