amergin in a sentence

  1. He eventually appeared again and teamed with the Fomor and his ancestor Amergin.
  2. Findch骵m marries the poet Amergin, and they have a son, Conall Cernach.
  3. Amergin married Findchoem, sister of Conchobar mac Nessa, king of the Ulaid.
  4. Against Tighernach's wishes, Amergin married a member of the royal household.
  5. Amergin is described as an artisan from Connacht, and a member of the U?Bri鷌n.
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  7. Amergin divided the kingship between 蓃im髇, who ruled the northern half, and 蒪er Finn, the southern.
  8. According to a popular passage from the same record, 蓃iu, a Amergin promises to give the country her name.
  9. It depicts a hypothetical migration of Galicians to Ireland, led by Amergin the bard and the Sons of the Mil.
  10. Amergin then divided the land between his two brothers, Eber taking the southern half of Ireland, Eremon the north.
  11. They landed at the estuary of Inber Sc閚e, named after Amergin's wife Sc閚e, who had died at sea.
  12. The Milesian poet Amergin calmed the sea with his verse, then his people landed and defeated the Tuatha D?Danann at Tailtiu.
  13. Arguably the greatest of these mythological druids was Amergin Gl鷌ngel, a bard and judge for the Milesians featured in the Mythological Cycle.
  14. He is brought up in the house of Amergin and Findch骵m on Muirthemne Plain in modern County Louth, alongside their son Conall Cernach.
  15. Within the year 蓃im髇 defeated 蒪er in battle and gained the kingship of the whole island, and two years later killed Amergin in another battle.
  16. Some of the mythological themes attributed to the 6th century poet Taliesin in the " Book of Taliesin " have similarities to those attributed to Amergin.
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