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  1. Her amesha rival counterpart is Ameretat.
  2. Already in the Gathas, Haurvatat is closely allied with Ameretat, the Amesha Spenta of " Immortality ".
  3. Ameretat and Haurvatat are the only two Amesha Spentas who are not already assigned an antithetical counterpart in the Gathas.
  4. Already in the Gathas, Ameretat is closely allied with Haurvatat, the Amesha Spenta of " Wholeness " and health.
  5. Haurvatat, Ameretat and other similar entities will be his companions and together, they will vanquish the evil creations of Angra Mainyu.
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  7. Haurvatat and Ameretat will destroy the demons of hunger and thirst at the final renovation of the world ( " Yasht " 19.95-96 ).
  8. In " Arda Viraf " 35.13, the three daughters of Zoroaster are described to be in the image of Armaiti, Ameretat, and Haurvatat.
  9. In the eschatological framework of " Yasht " 1.25, Ameretat and Haurvatat represent the reward of the righteous after death ( " cf ."
  10. The name " Mordad " derives from Middle Persian " Amurdad " from Avestan'Ameretat', the Zoroastrian divinity of " immortality ", and under whose protection the month stands.
  11. According to the cosmological legends of the " Bundahishn ", when Angra Mainyu ( MP : Ahriman ) withered the primordial plant, Ameretat crushed it to pulp and mixed it with water.
  12. In the calendrical dedication of " Siroza " 1.7, Ameretat is invoked on the seventh day of each month together with the " Gaokarena " ( the " White Haoma " ).
  13. In the same verse, as also in " Yasna " 45.10 and 51.7, parallels are drawn between Ameretat and Haurvatat on the one hand and " endurance and strength " on the other.
  14. According to the " Denkard's " recollection of lost Avestan texts, Zoroaster's " tan-gohr ", his material self, was under the protection of Ameretat and Haurvatat up until the prophet's conception.
  15. In the Pazend " Afrin-i haft Amshespand " ( " Blessings of the seven Amesha Spenta " ), Zam is joined by Amardad, Rashn and Ashtad ( Ameretat, Rashnu and Arshtat ) in withstanding the demons of hunger and thirst.
  16. In the day-name and month-name dedications of the Zoroastrian calendar, the seventh day of the month and fifth month of the year are named after Ameretat / " Amurdad " / " Mordad " and are under her protection.
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