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  1. Ameresekere received an MFA in Directing for Theatre, Video & Cinema at the California Institute of the Arts.
  2. Ameresekere's short film Do Not Erase won Best Short Film at the 60th British Academy Film Awards ( BAFTA ).
  3. Ameresekere is currently in the development stage of his next short film, in addition to writing two feature films and a novella.
  4. Ameresekere has been appointed a Director on the board of directors of the " International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management ".
  5. "' Nihal Sri Ameresekere "'is a Sri Lankan professional & litigation support consultant, author on fraud and corruption and public interest activist.
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  9. Ameresekere was born in London, and was educated at the Overseas Children's School in Sri Lanka, Harrow School in London and read Classics at Bristol University.
  10. In December 2015, Ameresekere was involved in controversy due to a then unpaid overdraft of LKR 100Mn drawn on a state bank in December 2014, during the previous regime.
  11. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the world's leading provider of anti-fraud training and education, has awarded Ameresekere,'Certified Fraud Examiner ( CFE )'designation.
  12. Ameresekere stated he could repay the money within one month because he was owed a larger sum by the Treasury, supplying a letter from the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, S . R . Attygalle, to that effect.
  13. An article can be kept " if " it's properly written and properly sourced, but can be deleted if it isn't  that's not a reflection on Mr . Ameresekere as a person, but on the quality of the " article ".
  14. Patron : Dr Vijaya Corea; President : Dr Eugene Corea; Vice Presidents : Nirmali Jayasekera and Surangani Ameresekere; Secretary : Neville S . Weerasekera; Asst Secretary : Patsy Abeyasekera; Treasurer : Suvendreni Y . Weerasekera; Assistant Treasurer : Ranmal Goonetillake; Committee : Gerry de Alwis, Christabelle Aturupane, Priya Samarasinghe, Dukshi Goonetillake, Lilani Corea Dharmaratne, Shiranee Gunawardene, Amal Jayasekera, Wimal Perera; Entertainment Sub-Committee : Gamini de Silva, Shanika Peiris and Nihal Corea.
  15. As currently written, for the record, this article asserts and demonstrates his " existence ", but " fails " to present any credible reason why he should be considered notable enough to be in an encyclopedia  in its current form, the article's " entire " body text consists of the sentence " " Nihal Sri Ameresekere is a Sri Lankan Author and Public interest Activist . " ", followed by a list of inappropriate offsite links to Google Books pages for his published works.

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