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  1. In Ontario, the legislation has been used to amerce large quantities of banknotes.
  2. The $ 75, 000 was amerced because the officer disbelieved the explanation of the citizen.
  3. Since at least 2010, Manitoba has used the popular distaste for pederasty to amerce land and abodes.
  4. Since 2006, US banks are often amerced large amounts under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act or the Trading with the Enemy Act.
  5. This law later was expanded to create the " Civil Forfeiture Office ", whereby property can be amerced with no court process.
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  7. After being returned as one of the two amerced twenty pounds, Long was removed from office, and the returning officer was both fined and imprisoned.
  8. Some boroughs, indeed, had anticipated Magna Carta by obtaining in their own charters a definition of the maximum amercement exigible, or in some cases of the amercing body.
  9. In Saskatchewan, a man had his truck amerced in 2010 when, for want of $ 60 worth of gas, he trafficked two tablets of Oxycontin to an undercover police officer.
  10. The thief's captor was given a choice between summarily executing him the usual fate for the poor or " amercing " him, ransoming him for a fine set according to his rank.
  11. The struggle of the townsmen to prove that Cirencester was a borough, and thus gain the associated rights and privileges, probably began in the same year, when they were amerced for a false presentment.
  12. Isabella, however, was able to produce the chirograph that showed Maud's participation in the writing of the document; this according to the Common Law signified Maud's agreement to the transaction, and Maud herself was " amerced for litigating a false claim ".
  13. Item that no sheriffs constables, bailiffs, and gaolers, the clerks of the justices or of the sheriffs nor other ministers whatsoever they be take any thing for the cause of their office of the same servants for fees, suit of prison or other manner and if they have any thing taken in such manner they shall deliver the same to the collectors of tenths and fifteenths in aid of the commons for the time that the tenth and fifteenth runs, as well for the time past as the time to come, and that the said justices enquire in their sessions if the said ministers have any thing received of the same servants, and that they shall find by such inquests that the said ministers have received, the same justices shall levy of every of the said ministers and deliver to the said collectors, together with the excess and fines and ransom made, and also the amercements of all them that shall be amerced before the said justices, in alleviation of the said towns as before is said.

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