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  1. Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael told the House of Commons on Monday.
  2. Home Office minister Alun Michael said as Tuesday's midnight handover deadline approached.
  3. Blair again overlooked Morgan and opted to back Alun Michael as putative First Secretary.
  4. Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael told the House of Commons.
  5. At the same time, Labour leader and First Minister Alun Michael was replaced by Rhodri Morgan.
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  7. The current incumbent is former First Minister of Wales Alun Michael, who represents the Labour Party.
  8. Labour's Stephen Doughty succeeded Alun Michael with 9, 193 votes, comprising 47.3 % of the overall vote.
  9. But rural affairs minister Alun Michael on Saturday insisted the government recognized the issues and was listening.
  10. Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister, had planned to join walkers in the northwest to celebrate the day.
  11. Welsh Secretary Alun Michael also said he did not realize he had been eating beef on the bone.
  12. Doughty and his father had been long-time family friends of Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Alun Michael.
  13. Blair plans only one change in his Cabinet in the traditional summer reshuffle, replacing Alun Michael as Welsh Secretary.
  14. "There is clear evidence that fast food littering is on the increase, " said local environment minister Alun Michael.
  15. Inside the Commons, Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael told legislators of a " serious disturbance " outside the main entrance.
  16. The "'Michael ministry "'was formed by Alun Michael following the 1999 National Assembly for Wales election and was a minority government.
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