aluminium gallium nitride in a sentence

  1. Currently there is much research into developing light-emitting diodes to operate in the ultraviolet using gallium nitride based semiconductors and, using the alloy aluminium gallium nitride, wavelengths as short as 250 nm have been achieved.
  2. InAlN high-electron-mobility transistors ( HEMTs ) are attractive candidates for such applications owing to the ability of InAlN to lattice-match to gallium nitride, eliminating a reported failure route in the closely related aluminium gallium nitride HEMTs.
  3. Aluminium gallium nitride ( AlGaN ) of varying Al / Ga fraction can be used to manufacture the cladding and quantum well layers for ultraviolet LEDs, but these devices have not yet reached the level of efficiency and technological maturity of InGaN / GaN blue / green devices.
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